Manasses Henry Furniture Company
How Long have you been in Business?

I have been building furniture for over 30 years inspired by my grandfather and my great great grandfather who were all furniture builders. I want to pass on the way they used to build furniture no veneers no plywood no chipboard even down to the drawer bottoms. These are pieces that you can pass on to the next generation. Henry was my grandfather Manasses was my great great grandfather.
Quality is our first name we build as well as we possibly can with the mortis & tendon joints also all dovetail joints for our drawers.

What can I do for better shipping cost?
Be sure to contact us sometimes we can ship furniture together with other shipments to give you better pricing

Does the furniture require assembly?
Most everything is assembled sometimes there is a little assembly needed if our truck comes we can actually set it up for you and make sure everything is correct

What about damage?
Most of our furniture on our trucks are shipped with blanket wrapped so there’s very little damage that will ever happen and we take full responsibility for that if it comes through a commercial shipper there is an insurance that will take care of any damage so make sure you check your pieces that everything is the way you ordered it.

Can I pick up my order?
You were always welcome to pick up your furniture just remember when you pick it up in the state of Indiana you do have to pay the Indiana sales tax which right now is 7% you would need to call us and set up the time of when you would arrive.

Can I have furniture make to my drawings?
We do a lot of custom work so feel free to add your ideas as to how you would like to see your piece or if you need a replica build of something that you have seen before we would be happy to work with you. Always plan on extra weeks for lead time depending on how customized you want your piece furniture.
One slogan we use "You dream that we can build it"

Can we meet with you and go over what we want to order?
We would be happy to make an appointment if you just call 574-536-2767 and we can either talk on the phone or meet in person depending on what all would work best for you

Who Makes Your Furniture ?
I build some of the furniture I also have some local craftsmen that work for me over the years they also help me build furniture by inspect all the pieces to all the drawings cutlass and everything to make sure the Quality of the furniture meets our standards.
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